70s costumes

70s Theme Party

70S Dress and costumes

The most entertaining element of any theme party is the costumes. It gives your guests the opportunity to dress up, which 99% of all people absolutely loves. If you lack costume ideas, we have some you can use. But remember for any theme party: GO ALL IN! - it makes it so much more fun, for your guests or host.

70S Hippie Costumes

The 70s are best known for the hippies, which make for great costumes ideas. Hippies are such a great idea that a whole theme party can be build around this theme. There are so many opportunities with the hippie theme, such as hair, songs, guitars, music, dresses and so.

The most essential for any hippie costume are:
  • Long loose hair
  • Pearls
  • Flowers
  • Instruments, guitar, tambourine
  • Jewellery
  • Round glasses
  • Headband
  • Long dress
  • Wide pants
  • Worn denim pants
  • To be the perfect hippie you not only need the essential items, but also the right attitude. To achieve this you can do these things:

    - Play an instrument, either a guitar, tambourine or drum

    - Make paper flowers and keep them in a handbag. Throw these out on random people and yell "make peace my brother and sister"

    - Make an invite to a fake demonstration and hand it out to people during the party, and tell to "unite against the big man!"

    - If there are served food, and there is meat in it, start yelling "meat is murder!"

    But whatever you do, don't forget the details for your costume such as the round glasses and the peace medallion – Those make your costume go from great to perfect.

    70s Fashion

    Tight pants
    The 70s fashion is in a story of its own. Never have pants been wider, taller or higher. Never have shirt patterns been so... awful...
    If you want to get your 70s costume dress perfect, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Wide pants
  • Big collars for men
  • Collars that reaches your shoulders for women
  • The colors orange, brown, yellow and dark red
  • Polyester
  • Plateau shoes
  • Shirts with textures in the right colors

  • Womens 70s fashion

    Womens 70s fashion

    Womens 70s fashion
    Because the 70s fashion was so iconic it make for one the most hilarious theme parties. One of the top moments of any 70s theme party is when the guests arrives, and everyone can see each other’s costumes. This always makes for great laughs.

    There are many costumes ideas for a 70s party:
  • Rollergirl (remember the gum)
  • Pimp (include a walking stick and cash)
  • Tough guy (mustache is a must have)
  • Classy lady (Big sunglasses)
  • Sports jog (short pants, women and men)

  • Womens 70s fashion