70s theme party games

70s Theme Party

70S Party Games

Every good party has some game for the guests. Games that will make your theme party the talk of town. Your guests gone through a lot of work, and they don't just want to sit down and eat and drink, they want to move, play and have fun - and most importantly, they want to show their costumes they have put so much energy into.

Soul Train

A perfect way to introduce your guests to each other. Soul Train is the soul / funk spirit of the 70s, and a must have for anyone who loves to move and dance, combined with the 70s.

The rules are simple, your guests start by standing in two lines, and in front of their partners. If someone doesn't have partner, they just dance alone.
When the music starts to play, each couple or person, starts to dance up between the lines.

The couple or person who does it best, most 70ish, wins. It doesn't have to be a competition, as this event is plenty of fun in itself.
The Soul Train event is so much fun, and there is no way to do it wrong. Your guests might be nervous or shy, so inform them that it's all fun and games.

Also show your guests some youtube videos for inspiration, and watch and be amazed how much some of your friends are willing to do to have fun in this event.


Twister, yes Twister! It might seem awfully outdated, but so are the seventies. And we might as well just admit it, Twister is a lot of fun.

So why not have your friends hit the floor and participate in this sweet 70s game, that everyone enjoys.

70s Quiz Game

The 70s was full of quiz shows, and you can copy this and combine it with a 70s theme party. You or a friend could be the host, and you also need someone to keep score. This game can be set up any way you desire or chose.

Ideas for quiz categories
  • Guess that song
  • Name this celebrity
  • What happend which year
  • Name that movie
  • Name that television show
  • Best 70s Costume

    When your friends have gone through all the trouble and spent time and money on a costume, you should reward them for their efforts.

    You could divide this category up into several categories:
  • Best female costume
  • Best male costume
  • Best couple costumes
  • Worst/most funny costume
  • Best accessories
  • Most 70s performance
  • Hippie of the night